Mysterious Cats

by Karen Walch | Jun 30, 2021

Cat Who Could Read Backwards 
by Lilian Jackson Braun

Journalist Jim Qwilleran and his feline companion Koko begin their investigative career when Jim finds murder and mischief while covering the art beat for the Daily Fluxion.

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Murder Past Due 
by Miranda James

A famous author returns to his hometown and is murdered. It's up to Charlie Harris, the town's librarian, and his cat Diesel, to find the killer before the wrong person is arrested for the crime. The trouble is, every last one of Charlie's friends and coworkers had a score to settle with the novelist.

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Engaged in Death 
by Stephanie Blackmoore

After dumping her cheating fiancé, Mallory Shepard can't bear another disaster. So when she unexpectedly inherits Thistle Park, a ramshackle mansion in her ex's hometown, it's a problem she can't afford- literally. Then an unwanted visitor is found dead on the front lawn. Enlisting the help of her sister Rachel, Mallory vows to unveil the killer.

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Dead as a Door Knocker 
by Diane Kelly

When a dead body is found on the property of the house she just bought and she is accused of the crime, would-be house flipper Whitney Whitaker launches her own investigation to find the real killer.
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Lending a Paw 
by Laurie Cass

With the help of her rescue cat Eddie, librarian Minnie Hamilton is driving a bookmobile based in the resort town of Chilson, Michigan. But she'd better keep both hands on the wheel, because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Curiosity Thrilled the Cat
by Sofie Kelly

When Kathleen Paulson moved to Mayville Heights, Minnesota, she had no idea that two strays would nuzzle their way into her life. When murder interrupts Mayville's Music Festival, Kathleen finds herself the prime suspect. More stunning is her realization that the cats are magical - and she's relying on their skills to solve a purr-fect murder.

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Survival of the Fritters 
by Ginger Bolton

Emily Westhill runs the best donut shop in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, alongside her retired police chief father-in-law and her tabby Deputy Donut. But after murder claims a favorite customer, Emily can't rely on a sidekick to solve the crime-or stay alive.

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