Nonfiction about France

by Karen Walch | Jul 07, 2021

The Black Count
by Tom Reiss

Explores the life and career of Thomas Alexandre Dumas, a man almost unknown today, but whose swashbuckling exploits appear in The Three Musketeers and whose trials and triumphs inspired The Count of Monte Cristo.

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A New World Begins
by Jeremy D. Popkin

Historian Jeremy Popkin offers a riveting account of the Revolution that puts the reader in the thick of the debates and the turmoil that led to the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a new society. Going beyond the typical cast of Robespierre, Danton, and Mirabeau, Popkin includes the women who demanded equal rights and the enslaved blacks who wrested freedom from revolutionaries. Based on decades of scholarship, A New World Begins is a magisterial account of the revolution that created the modern world.

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Paris: The Secret History
by Andrew Hussey

From prehistory to the early 2000s, a history of the world-famous city from the ground up.

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