Accidental Spies

by Karen Walch | Jul 17, 2021

The Spies of Shilling Lane
by Jennifer Ryan

Mrs. Braithwaite, self-appointed queen of her English village, finds herself dethroned following her husband’s selfish divorce petition. Never deterred, she heads to London to find the only person she has left—her clever daughter Betty. But when she arrives, Betty’s landlord, the timid Mr. Norris, informs her that Betty hasn’t been home in days--with the chaos of the bombs, there’s no telling what might have befallen her. Aghast, Mrs. Braithwaite sets her bullish determination to the task of finding her only daughter. Storming into the London Blitz, Mrs. Braithwaite drags the reluctant Mr. Norris along as an unwitting sidekick as they piece together Betty’s unexpectedly chaotic life.

This audio book is read by Jayne Entwistle- she makes every story she narrates so much more entertaining!

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