2021 Newbery Winner

by Karen Walch | Aug 09, 2021

When You Trap a Tiger
by Tae Keller

Lily has the superpower of being invisible. "I just disappear. Teachers forget my name, kids don't ask me to play." Lily's sister, Sam, says Lily is just shy--a QAG--a Quiet Asian Girl. Lily is worried about how she will do in their new town being so shy, but Sam is just plain mad. They've come to Sunshine, Washington to help their mom with their grandmother and Sam is not happy about it. Lily's Halmoni, her grandmother, is not doing well, and Lily is determined to save her, even if it means making a deal with a tiger only she can see.

This is a book about a loving grandmother who shares her stories from Korea. It's about making new friends, loving your family, and finding out who you are within two cultures.

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