Books about Real People!

by Karen Walch | Aug 25, 2021

Be inspired by stories of people who really lived

The Queen of Katwe
by Tim Crothers

The inspiring story of Phiona, a young girl from Katwe, a poor village in Uganda, who becomes a chess master. Robert Katende, a missionary, runs a program for youth that starts with soccer, and then, since not all children like soccer, he adds chess. First the children come for the porridge, often the only meal of the day, then many stay as they learn to love the strategy of chess. Phiona first follows her brother to the activities, then finds she has a rare talent for chess. She works hard and travels to tournaments through the help of the missionary group to become a world class chess player.

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We Were the Lucky Ones
by Georgia Hunter

The story of the Kurc family, a wealthy Jewish family living in Poland in 1939. The story follows the parents and siblings as they are scattered from Krakow to the Siberian gulag to Rio de Janiero and beyond as they struggle to survive under German and Russian oppression. With hope and ingenuity they face challenges of being forced into exile, of working in factories and fields with little food, and of posing as Gentiles in plain sight, Through it all they try to stay in contact with one another.

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Girl Waits with Gun
by Amy Stewart

The book takes place in 1914 and tells the story of Charlotte, Norma and Fleurette Kopp who chose to live on the family farm after their mother dies. When a rich silk baron runs into their wagon and destroys it, Charlotte takes an itemized bill to the silk mill. This results in persecution instead of payment. Sheriff Heath teaches the girls to shoot a gun and the women find they are even more self sufficient than they thought. Many chapter titles are from actual newspaper headlines about the Kopp sisters.

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Sunflower Sisters
by Martha Hall Kelly

This story follows three families during 1861-1865. First is the Woolsey family of New York City who are strict abolitionists famous for their service to the community. Georgy Woolsey, one of the daughters, is determined to become a nurse and serve the soldiers during the Civil War, despite the prejudice of the doctors. Secondly, is the story of Jemma, a slave in Maryland on the Peeler Plantation wo would do anything to become free, and thirdly, the story is about Miss Ann May, the cruel plantation owner of the Peeler Plantation. Little does Mrs. Woolsey know when she hands a slave a card with her address, how valuable that card will become and how it will intertwine all three families.

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