Romania's citizen spy network

by Karen Walch | May 26, 2022

I Must Betray You
by Ruta Sepetys

Romanians live in oppression in the 1980s. Food is scarce and family members spend much of their time in lines for scant supplies; electricity is turned off unexpectedly; but the greatest trial is that Romanians have no choices--except to obey. When 17-year-old Cristian Floresco is blackmailed by the secret police, he is given a horrible directive--become an informant and your grandfather will receive the medicine he needs. Cristian begins the life of an informant, realizing he an trust no one. As other Communist regimes crumble one by one, Romanians wonder if they will ever be free.

This is a well-researched book of historical fiction that includes background information about Romania and pictures showing the ending of Communism in Romania. The characters feel real and the tension is palpable.

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