Cowboy Country and Folk Music for Fall

by Karen Walch | Oct 11, 2022

As the leaves begin to turn, it's the perfect season to add a soundtrack of forlorn melancholy to your day.

The Very Best of Peter, Paul, and Mary
By Peter, Paul, and Mary

Inducted into the vocal group hall of fame for good reason, these three have beautiful melodies and harmonies that they bring to music new and old. Famously, they performed at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. Folk music often touches on the topics of protecting workers and living in harmony with the land as a free person.

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Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits
By Pete Seeger

Most of Pete Seeger’s 94 years alive were spent playing music. His music wasn’t just pleasant to listen to, it almost always had a message about protecting the environment, squashing fascism, or furthering and protecting civil rights. He didn’t just inspire people socially however, he also wrote a book on how to learn the five-string banjo that has inspired thousands to pick up the instrument.

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The Country Music Hall of Fame Presents Marty Robbins

Grammy Award winner and Nascar Top-5 finisher, Marty Robbins enjoyed multi-faceted success. His voice is silky smooth and lends itself perfectly to the lumbering cowboy tales he tells in verse. Don’t be surprised if you get a sudden hankering to sleep under a horse blanket and the stars after listening to this one.

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The Country Music Hall of Fame Presents Hank Williams

Being unable to read or write notated music did not stop Hank Williams from creating a prolific amount of billboard topping music over his career cut short by alcoholism and drug abuse. In total he had 55 singles that reached top 10 on the country music billboard. Many musicians popular today across many genres owe Hank Williams for the inspiration he provided.

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