Storytime Ideas

Create Your Own Storytime!

We understand that getting yourself and your children dressed and ready to leave the house can be a daunting task - especially during this difficult time. That's why we've made it easy to do storytime with your children at home if you can't (or really just don't want to) leave the comfort of your own home.

Choose from highlighted storytime plans made ahead of time by our children's librarians OR build your own using the steps and links below.  If you'd rather pick up a packet from your local library, you can do that too!

No matter how you do it, we hope you enjoy your storytime!


Pick 2 or 3 Books

You can use books with a theme or just pick some of your favorites. Browse storytime plans pre-made by our children's librarians above, reserve some of our books and ebooks below, and/or use something from your own collection at home.

Traditional Picture Books


Online Picture Books


Pick a Song or Activity

Our pre-made storytime plans include small activities to include when you read stories. Here are some other good suggestions - it doesn't have to be complex. Simple is often best!

Try a Game or Craft

Not every storytime needs a craft or a game, but they can add a lot of fun! Try one from our pre-made storytimes, or browse other options below as you create your own. Mix and match to make sure your children get the best experience.

Try it out!

Don't worry too much about following a set plan - make sure you have fun reading, try out different voices, songs & themes. Figure out what works for you and your audience as you continue trying.
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Tips & Hints

Our children's librarians have some suggestions for you, as you begin your journey!
Read with enthusiasm.
Encourage your listeners to repeat phrases with you.
Kids like repetition.
Alternate between reading books and doing other activities.
Try doing activities or crafts at the end.

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