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Picture Book Grab Bag

The Davis County Library is offering picture book grab bags to check out curbside from the convenience of your car! Each bag will include 5-6 picture books hand selected by staff. 

Happy Reading!

Just follow these steps:

Pull into Curbside Spot
Each Davis County Library location has designated parking spots for curbside pickup.
Call Phone Number and ask for a Picture Book Grab Bag
Call the phone number listed on the curbside sign and let the staff member who answers that you are at curbside and would like to check out a picture book grab bag.   
Read Library Card Number to Staff
The staff will then ask you to read your library card number to them over the phone so they can check out the picture books to you.  
Pop Your Trunk and Books will be Delivered to You
Staff will ask you to pop your trunk so they can run out the checked out grab bag to your car without contact.  
Keep on Reading!

Return as often as you would like to check out a new picture book grab bag!

More Information
~Return the books normally, through the book drop outside or inside the library. No need to  return the bag. 
~Bags will also include a handout with a list of additional resources available to families with children.
~Pre-printed activities are available at each location and may be added to the grab bag upon request.