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No Paper Plans will be accepted.   All building permit applications and plans must be submitted using the Building Permit Application Link Below. 

As per Davis County Code §15.01.330, which is reflective of both the International Residential and Building codes, “[Building permits are required for] the erection of any building or structure or any part thereof, or any alteration of any existing building that would permit the extension or enlargement of any use therein, or the preparation of a building site, shall not be commenced or proceeded with, except after the issuance of a written permit on a form furnished by Davis County.  No permit shall be issued unless it has been approved and signed by the [Davis County] Enforcement Officer or the Enforcement Officer’s designee”.

Building Permit Application

To request an inspection for an existing building permit, please call Shums Coda Associates at 800-286-0374

To Pay for a building permit, please mail a check to, or call Davis County Community Development. *Please note that
a 2.45% processing fee is added to all County credit card transactions.

Building Permits FAQ

Yes.  A building permit is required for any new construction, home addition/remodel, basement finish, accessory structure exceeding 200 square feet, pools, carports, any work on gas, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems (including furnace and AC unit installations); and any other item at the discretion of the Community & Economic Development Office.

For a map of municipal and county jurisdiction, visit https://webportal.daviscountyutah.gov/App/PropertySearch/esri/map

If your property is within a colored shaded area, the jurisdiction for permits is with the colored area’s respective municipality.  If your property is not shaded, the jurisdiction is with Davis County and subject to the below building permit application. 

For a list of what is required for a complete application for new single-family dwelling construction, alteration or repair; use the Single-Family Building Permit Requirement Checklist

For a list of what is required for all other permits, use the Non-Single Family Building Permit Application Checklist

A site plan is a layout of the property showing the placement of all existing and proposed structures and their setback distance to the property lines.

Site-Plan Example

The distance between a structures foundation and the property lines. Setbacks are on all four sides of the structure.

Typically a permit is signed by and issued directly to the contractor.  When a property owner elects to conduct the work themselves in place of a contractor, an Owner-Builder Form is required.  This form certifies that the owner will be legally responsible for work completed and will abide by all governing regulations. 

Owner-Builder Certification Form

The project valuation on permit is the total combined cost of foundation work, structural and nonstructural building components, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and interior finish material, cost of labor, etc. This is required for all permits.

Permit fees are based on the project square footage and/or the project valuation provided on the permit application.  Davis County uses square foot construction costs from the February 2020 update of building valuation data from the International Code Council. Permits that require no plan check review, construction bond, and just one inspection; are the minimum $202.  Examples of this include: furnaces & AC unit installations, power-to-panel repairs/upgrades, new meters, and any other item at the discretion of the Community & Economic Development Office.   

Square Foot Construction Costs

Current Fee Schedule