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Limited-Use Food Establishments


What is a Limited-Use Food Establishment?

In Davis County, a Limited-Use Food Establishment is a satellite food operation that, due to its small size, has a limited capacity to provide all essential food operation services. Establishments permitted in this manner are required to utilize a commissary for essential food service operations such as food and equipment storage, equipment cleaning and sanitizing, and the re-filling of water tanks. Examples of Limited-Use Food Establishments include food carts or other mobile units that do not meet the definition of a Food Truck because they are operated from outside of the frame of the unit rather than from within. Kiosks located within convenient walking distance to a commissary, such as being located near the food court in a mall, may also be considered for permitting as Limited-Use Food Establishments.

If you are planning to operate a Limited Use Food Establishment in Davis County, you must submit a completed Limited-Use Food Establishment Application, plans, and applicable fees to the health department. These plans must include equipment specification sheets, plumbing and mechanical schedules, dimensional floor plans (¼” = 1 foot scale), and finish schedule. As part of the application, a complete menu, route or event schedule, and  Commissary Agreement are required to be submitted. An updated Commissary Agreement must be submitted to the health department any time changes occur and each year when renewing a permit. Prior to receiving a permit, the Limited-Use food establishment must complete a pre-opening inspection with division staff and be in compliance with the Limited-Use Food Establishment General Guidelines. If you are purchasing an existing Limited-Use food establishment, the unit may be brought to the health department for a site review, in lieu of submitting plans on paper.

The permit fees depend on the risk categorization of the establishment. Lower risk, or Risk 1 establishments are assessed an annual permit fee of $200, and higher risk, or Risk 2, establishments are assessed an annual permit fee of $350. Prior to receiving an initial operating permit, each establishment must go through the plan review process and pay the associated $350 plan review fee.


Limited-Use Food Establishment Application and Resources





A Microenterprise Home Kitchen is a non-commercial kitchen facility located in a private home and operated by a resident of the home where ready-to-eat food is handled, stored, prepared, or offered for sale.

Prior to obtaining a permit a Microenterprise Home Kitchen operator must submit plans to the division describing what foods will be handled and produced, how foods will be prepared, what frequency utensils and equipment will be cleaned, how refuse will be disposed of, and how time temperature control for safety foods will be temperature controlled. Mechanical equipment for temperature control with a non-fixed thermometer must be used to hold time temperature control for safety foods. Plans must be approved prior to the permit being issued and prior to any food service at a Microenterprise Home Kitchen. Written consent for the Division to enter the private residence during operating hours for inspections will need to be given to the Division. An initial inspection must be conducted no more than one week before the Microenterprise Home Kitchen is scheduled to begin operating.

An annual permit fee of $300 will need to be paid. An additional $100 fee will be charged to the Microenterprise Home Kitchen if the Division conducts an inspection where it finds the Microenterprise Home Kitchen produced adulterated foods or was the source of a foodborne illness outbreak.

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