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Food Establishments


The majority of food service operations are permitted as Food Establishments, which are the traditional brick and mortar restaurants.

To access a list of general requirements for food establishments, refer to the Restaurant General Guidelines. Refer to our Food Handler Permit webpage for information regarding food handler permits. For information regarding temporary, food truck, or seasonal food permits visit the "related links" section below. 

Obtaining a Permit to Operate

In order to obtain a permit to operate as a Food Establishment you must submit a full set of plans (physical copies only), a completed Food Establishment Permit Application, full menu, Risk Assessment and plan review fee ($400). Plans should be scaled to 1/4 inch per foot and must include equipment specification sheets and plumbing, lighting, and finish schedules. If plans are not submitted prior to the facility being constructed, a site review fee ($800) will be charged in lieu of a plan review fee. After construction has been completed, the establishment must then schedule and pass a Pre-Opening Inspection. Paid fees allow for up to two (2) on-site inspections to ensure compliance with the Davis County Board of Health - Food Service Sanitation Regulation prior to being issued a permit. The cost of a permit to operate depends on the risk category of the Food Establishment:

Risk 1............ 
Risk 2............ $260
Risk 3............ $345
Risk 4............ $430
Risk 5............ $600


Remodeling an Existing Food Establishment

A full set of plans for the remodel are required, along with a completed Food Establishment Permit Application and plan review fee ($400). If you are planning to renovate less than half of the existing food service establishment then you may qualify for the limited plan review fee ($150). An updated menu will also be required if there are any menu changes associated with the remodel.

Change of Ownership

Food Establishment Permits are not transferrable between owners. Any time a change of ownership occurs, the new owners must obtain a new permit to operate. The first step in this process is to apply for a permit by submitting a completed Food Establishment Permit Application, menu, and paying the change of ownership fee ($150). Our staff will then process your application, assess the risk category, and schedule an on-site inspection with you. After successfully passing a pre-opening inspection, operating fees must be paid and a permit to operate will be issued.

If the establishment has not made any changes to the kitchen and has not been closed down for any period of time, the new owners may be granted a grace period of thirty (30) days to operate while approval is pending for their permit to operate. If the establishment has had a discontinuance of service, a permit to operate must be provided to continue operations.


Food Establishment Applications and Resources