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Residential & Child Care Facilities


Residential Care Facilities are licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services (DHS) to offer treatment, support, or child care to those in need of those services. These facilities are typically licensed as Residential Day Cares, Residential Treatment programs, Residential Support programs, or Recovery Residences.

Food Service Permit

You will need a Food Service (FS) Permit to Operate if your facility provides or prepares food and is:
     o  a childcare licensed for more than 16 children; or,
     o  another residential care licensed for more than 12 individuals.

If a permit to operate is required, the facility must go through the process outlined for Food Establishments.

Health Department Inspections

You will need health department inspections if your facility is permitted or provides or prepares food and is:
     o  a childcare licensed for 16 or fewer children; or,
     o  another residential care licensed for four to 12 individuals.

Scheduling a Health Department Inspection if a Permit to Operate is Not Necessary

To schedule a health department inspection, you must first submit a completed Residential Care Food Service Application and pay the $40 inspection fee. A staff member will then contact you to schedule your inspection. Following the inspection, copies will be left with the provider that may be used to complete the licensing requirements with the Utah Department of Human Services.

Exemption Letters for Facilities That do Not Provide Food Service

Facilities that provide kitchen space for clients to prepare their own food and do not prepare meals or snacks are exempt from health department inspections.
However, if an exemption letter is needed, the request will be passed onto a manager for determination. If their review of the facility indicates that an inspection is not required, then an exemption letter may be issued.

Residential Care Facilities Applications and Resources